Thanks for visiting the little corner of the Internet I call my home base.

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a libation, and enjoy! The Main Menu links you to all my content and provides additional links to other places I can be found online.

How Do I Contact You?

Due to previous security problems with my original site/blog, I’m not allowing comments on this site. Anyone needing to talk to me can find me via Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. All those places and connections are over in the left sidebar or below with the exception of leaving me questions related to the Forgotten Realms–the wonderful provides me with a forum on which I can answer folks’ queries about older work in the Realms here.


This will be the main place of activity on my site–the blog in which I’ll talk about whatever grabs my attention for the moment. This is the first stop for any content outside of my published materials.


After the initial blogs, I’ll curate any game-related blog posts and other articles/posts I can dig up from the past and place them here. This place may (or may not) answer questions folks have about my work at TSR, Wizards of the Coast, and many other game companies.


Like the Games page above, this will be a curation page/section for anything related to my world-building class/book, any fictional worlds I might be cooking up or working on, etc.